More than friends

What are we?
you and me
we're not together
and yet we take care of
each other
guess we're just friends
that just fool around
way too much
took your shirt off
wanted a hug
felt like a drug
unsure of what to say
laying together under the trees
we'd stay
ever so lightly
you'd touch my face
and you're the only one
who's eyes i meet
and not get weak
didn't need to speak
cause your smile
said it all
your satisfied and so am i

1 Response to "More than friends"

  1. eyena says:

    aik? mcam pernah ku lihat wajahmu tapi di mana yaa?

    walaupun rupamu aku kenal tetapi lobang idungmu amatlah jelas.. hehehe

    thanks "follow me".. i follow u back! ewah mcm jenama apa tah.. ngeee

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